Happy fall, y’all!  (Why do we love saying that?  Well…maybe you don’t love saying that if you’re not from the south, but I am…so I do).  I can’t believe that summer has faded away, and the crispness of leaves falling will be coming soon.

I love this time of year – there is so much transition, so much letting go and opening up to new possibilities.  Along with change, fall brings hope.  It’s a clean slate, a time to reset.  You can rewrite your whole life while you sip a pumpkin spice latte.  All jokes aside, though, I’ve really been in a transition mindset lately.  I took a yoga class last night at my studio and the teacher gave the most beautiful transition theme throughout class (side note:  it was also one of the most physically challenging fitness classes I have taken, ever.) It hit me right where I needed to be hit, as usual.  How do they always know?!

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ll be 28 years young.  I’m really not worried about getting another year older.  I spent a lot of time in 27 trying to force myself into some type of mold.  I was doing everything I could to be this way, to look like this, to be better, and to be more.  But somewhere around January or February, I started to get really tired of trying to ‘fix’ myself.  I started to realize that maybe I wasn’t even broken.  That’s when I started practicing yoga.  That’s when everything started to shift in my life and that is when I started to choose joy.  I have always been a happy person and I guess people would describe me as bubbly, but 27 was tough.  I had to make some difficult and devastating decisions, and I found myself in a place I never thought I would.

The beginning of 27, with the same fantastic people I will ring in 28 with.
The beginning of 27, with the same fantastic people I will ring in 28 with.  Yep, that’s a tiara.

But you know what?  Here I am.  28 is here at midnight, and I feel alive, thankful, blessed, loved, and stronger than ever.  I have so much to be grateful for; don’t we all?  We just forget to realize it.  We let all of these fabulous moments pass us by without ever really noticing them or taking time to have gratitude for them.  I’m making a promise to myself to notice the fabulous moments.  A day is the same day, whether we approach it with joy and optimism or negativity and defeat.  We get to make that choice every day when we wake up.  One of my dearest, true blue friends has a sign on her office door that says, “Today is a good day to have a good day.”  It really, truly is.  Stuff happens and sometimes shit gets real, but every day is a good day to have a good day.

I love birthdays, and I love getting another fresh start just as the seasons are changing each year…but the truth is, you can start fresh at any moment if you are willing.  Let go of the things that came in the last season of your life (see what I did there?!) that no longer serve you.  Let those things go and embrace whatever is coming your way.

I have had a request to post about Yoga Teacher Training, so look for that coming soon, along with other, not-so-serious posts…but this is my obligatory fall/seasons of life post.


28, I’ll see you in a couple of hours.  🙂

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