THE bag

You need to run to your nearest TJ Maxx RIGHT NOW (after reading this post, of course).

I have a friend at work (at the pub) who has great style. She had this amazing bag and I immediately started obsessing over it with my other coworker. We had to have it. After agonizing over it for days, I went after a lunch shift this past Saturday and snagged two:  One for me, and one for the other coworker who wanted one. I sent it to my sister and she immediately caught the bug, too. Luckily, my friend from work had also picked up an extra one for either me my other coworker because we had been so into it (seriously this is ridiculous at this point). So I bought that one off of her for my sister. The bag that keeps on giving!

oliver stealing the limelight

one side has the fun zippers, one has just the steve madden plate

room for all the things

it came with this pouch inside! 

makeup + girly stuff in the pouch

Seriously – if this bag speaks to you like it did to me (like, enough to write an entire blog post about it), GO TO TJ MAXX NOW. Who knows how long they will have these in stock?! Rumor has it there is another one with purple accents, too. For $40 you get this beauty – plus the inside pouch that comes with a cross-body length strap. SO YOU BASICALLY GET TWO PURSES IN ONE. This is going to be great for travel and everyday use. I love it!

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