Apartment tour // bedroom

I love the feel of a mostly white bedroom. It just feels so calming and peaceful. The only issue is that I have 2 dogs that I can’t stand love having on my bed. So I usually bleach my comforter once a week to keep it looking nice and white! It’s also important to me to have a cozy, fluffy, inviting bed. That’s where I spend a lot of my time working on the blog, relaxing, and sleeping, so it has to be a happy place!

i always like to have a book or my kindle by the bed

that picture on the left is from way back in college…look at that white hair!

i’ve had that candle for so many years. i probably should have used a new one for this picture, but this is real life, people. you’re getting the real me who has a burned up old candle by the bed.

i used to have a matching lamp on both sides…but oliver ate the cord to one of them. literally ate it.

Since I’m not made of money, I couldn’t really afford a whole new bedroom decor look for the new apartment, so I just had to use what I had and switch things around. I’m happy with the way things came out, and as I can add little new pieces in here and there, I will!

when i accepted the smaller room, i didn’t realize there was no ceiling fan. i bought that standing fan from amazon and it has been a life saver this summer!

i shut the door to take pictures of the bookshelf and oliver got his feelings hurt. the corgi print on the wall is from my best friend’s fiancé, romain. he’s a keeper!

more candles i’ve had forever + favorite books (my old adviser wrote the teen life textbook and gave it to me as a gift when i graduated!)

all my yoga books from teacher training/gifts, coffee books from when i wanted to start a coffee shop, and all my notebooks for allllll the lists. goals and dreams, man.

My sister had the white bookshelf from IKEA in her old apartment. It doesn’t really fit anywhere else in our apartment now (our living room is awkwardly shaped and my couch is way too big for the space at the moment), so I stuck it behind my bedroom door and I’ve been happy with it! It has a mix of mine and my sister’s books and it gave me some extra space for my laptop, notebooks, and a couple of decor items.

eventually i’ll beg andrew to mount my tv, but for now, this works.

pretty little things (always a nice touch to have chocolates lying around!)

my rustic corner! shelves from target, picture frame was a gift from andrew (the picture is from the first time he helped me move! what a guy.) the j is from my friend kelly (i think target), and the leap quote you can read about here

just rounding everything out and coming full circle with a picture of the doggies on my bed!

As mentioned in my last apartment tour from the old apartment, all of my bedroom furniture is from Ashley Furniture (except for the IKEA bookshelf).

So that’s my room! Finally (mostly) complete. Not pictured:  The corner of my down comforter Bruno chewed and I held together with a binder clip until I could sew it. Also not pictured:  The corners of every pillow case and the corners of my sheets that are chewed off. I’m starting to sense a pattern here…

Apartment tour // My happy place

If you know me, you know I   l  o  v  e   coffee. I have been drinking it regularly ever since I was in high school, and even remember being a little girl and having my parents or nana pour me some “coffee” like theirs – which was mostly milk and sugar with a splash of coffee. As an adult I feel tricked, but I get it. Coffee isn’t for children.

My sister and I have been working on making our apartment decorated and homey. I decided to post some apartment tours of my favorite spaces in our new place, so here is the first of many! My favorite project we have taken on so far is our coffee bar. I just love the way it turned out. It feels so right. Coffee is so good. Making coffee in the morning is one of my favorite rituals in the summertime. During the school year I’m usually splashing coffee down my shirt as I race out the door to get to school by 6:45am. In the summer, I can sit and enjoy a cup while I watch a show or make breakfast (or work on my blog!). My sister is a coffee lover, too, so it made sense to have a dedicated space for ours.

For our coffee bar, we used an old dresser that our mom gave us (it was our grandmother’s!). We knew we wanted storage for extra coffee k-cups, ground coffee bags, coffee mugs, etc. Why not stick our coffee mugs in a cabinet like normal people, you might ask? Because the truth is two of those drawers are full of coffee mugs, and we still have more in the cabinets. I have a slight problem, okay?!

Unfortunately, we forgot to get a before picture, so imagine a dark brown, not-so-good-looking dresser with tarnishing retro silver drawer pulls. We spray painted the dresser and distressed it a little bit to make it look worn in. Our color is Seaside – we got 2 cans at Home Depot and will use some on another project (coming soon)! We ordered these drawer pulls to replace the retro silver ones that were already on the dresser. Then we recruited my boo thang to hang the shelves. The shelving and storage cube unit are from Target (duh). I’m so happy to have a place to display my Poole’s Diner cookbook! (PLEASE go there if you live in the Raleigh area and haven’t yet.)

the original drawer pulls 

the new ones!

Our coffee and cookbook area is my favorite wall in our whole apartment so far. It’s organized, right by the window, and full of happy and bright colors. The only thing missing is the small patch we missed in spray painting on the two lower legs of the coffee bar (you’re looking now, aren’t you? I cropped it out for the sake of the picture. Can’t ruin the ambiance, people!). BUT, you know…we’re all human.

Here’s to lots of coffee drinking and finally getting set up in our new home!


My new digs // 2

Hello!  Today I’m sharing a few more images of the new place and how we have decorated it!  I can’t wait to own a house someday and turn it into a home, but right now in my life, it’s nice to have my landscaping taken care of, a pool I can go to in the summer, and maintenance issues that get handled as part of my rent cost.  For now, I am happy to be in this two bedroom apartment with Lauryn and our crew (she has two cats + my corgis Bruno and Oliver!).

Here is a peek into Lauryn’s room! She always has the cutest things (and the best makeup – but that’s for another post)! Her “Bushel & a peck” wall is from her grandmother singing the song to her when she was a little girl!

All of Lauryn’s decorative items come from Steinmart, Kirkland’s, Home Goods, and TJ Maxx – and her furniture is from IKEA. 

Here is my bedroom!  It took a lot of elbow grease to move all the furniture up the stairs, but we got it all in, and Andrew put up all my shelves and put my whole room apartment together for me – such a gem!  All of my furniture is from Ashley Furniture, and I don’t mean to brag, but my mattress is e v e r y t h i n g. My odds and ends are mostly from – you’ll never guess it – Target, and the rest of my things are gifts from friends or bought at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s/Home Goods.

My bathroom is smaller than at my last apartment, but I still have plenty of space to organize all of my things.

My closet is where I keep all of my jewelry, and even though I don’t have a lot of room for activities in it, I do like to keep it feeling homey like the rest of my space.  I spend plenty of time in there deliberating back and forth on what to wear and which jewelry or shoes to pair with it (I’m a libra, after all).

That’s the tour!  I’m sure we’ll continue to change things up and add items as time goes on, but for now, this really feels like home!

Pictures by Whitney at J Parker Photography

My new digs // 1

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Home sweet home!

If you ask me, moving is one of the worst things.  EVER.  I guess I’m “good” at moving since my type A brain won’t let a box go unlabeled or packed nicely and neatly…but it’s still a task I dread.  I have moved so many times since college and beyond, and I’ve found a few tips over the years to make it easier, and even a few ways to look at the bright side of things!

With a new place to live comes the opportunity to get a few new things to spruce up the place and make it unique, comfortable, and feel like home.  However, one of my absolute favorite things about a move is that you get the chance to really de-clutter, clean out your closets, drawers, and cabinets – and donate items to someone who may need them.

About three weeks ago, my mom, her best friend since 9th grade, and my sweet boyfriend came for the weekend to help me move out of my one bedroom apartment and into a two bedroom.  We.  Worked.  So. Hard.  So hard.  But we did it!  The new place is perfect.  My boyfriend deserves a huge medal for all the work he put in…it’s so nice to have someone help with the heavy stuff (up two flights of stairs!), hang all your shelves, pictures, and wall decor, and make sure everything is level when you’re too tired and just want it finished.

Enjoying some food after a long, nasty day of work! Super sweaty and looking really good.
Aunt Judi (left) and Mom (right) – typical!

My new roommate is my dear, d e a r friend Lauryn from college (Meredith College girls represent!  She’s also a teacher!).  We both need to save a few bucks, and this way we can have a permanent sleepover.  We are both a little anal when it comes to having things finished right away, so we were completely moved and unpacked in one long weekend.  It had to be done.  But we’re loving the new place!  It overlooks the pool, has a screened-in porch, updated appliances, and it is full of natural light.  Here are some pictures of the common living areas (click to see them in full size) – more to come in the next apartment post!

As you can see, Bruno and Oliver are adjusting well, too 🙂  They LOVE the porch and enjoy checking out all the people at the pool.  That’s Oliver on the right with my roomie Lauryn!

Stay tuned for the next post on the apartment – our bedrooms!  J Parker Photography took so many beautiful pictures, I wanted to use as many as I could 🙂  I already feel like I broke the internet with this post!