Favorite shades for summer nails

I love nail polish. I always keep my nails painted, and when I’m getting regular paychecks during the school year, I love to get a nice gel manicure here and there. I have a huge basket in my bathroom for all of my shades of polish, and I’m also a tad obsessed with the names of nail polishes. I mean, someone has that job! I’ve always loved a good play on words, so in my mind I’d love to name a nail shade “Mauve-elous” or something, but I’m sure someone has already come up with that one.

I digress.

Anyway, if you love nail polish as much as I do, I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favorite summer shades to share! Some of these are long-time favorite staples, and some I’ve just picked up this season. I’m loving the Defy & Inspire brand of nail polishes (they’re available exclusively at Target). For a while I got into a big Sally Hansen gel polish phase, but I find that no matter what, my polish tends to last only a few days before starting to chip. So my favorite brands these days are Essie, OPI, and the Defy &  Inspire brand! I also love the Essie gel polish line (pictured above).

What shades are you loving this summer? I feel like there’s not enough time to use them all before it’s fall and I feel like I need to switch over…but I’m going to give it my best shot!

All photographs courtesy of my best friend at J Parker Photography