Happy birthday, Bruno + Oliver!

oliver & bruno

These tiny terrors turn four years old today! I can’t believe it has been four years since I got these little buddies. I truly can’t imagine my life without them.

I introduced everyone to Bruno and Oliver in this post and really nothing has changed since then. Their personalities have stayed the same, and DARE I SAY that Bruno has even calmed down a little! As I type this, they are both snuggled asleep at the foot of my bed. I know they’re dreaming of their loving mother treats and open fields.

In honor of their birthday, my sister and I baked dog treats using the corgi cookie cutter I got this year for Christmas. They came out so cute! The doggies LOVED them. Like, went crazy about them. Here’s the simple recipe. Tips:  Use quite a bit of flour when rolling out the dough! Also, the recipe doesn’t specify whether or not to spray the pan, but we did and the treats didn’t stick!

before baking the treats

the finished product!

is it weird to feed corgis corgi-shaped treats?!

bruno + oliver patiently anxiously waiting

doing their big trick; bruno can’t even

had to take care of my girl nala, too!

These guys deserve to have an exciting birthday, even if they don’t realize why. They have been there for so many important moments of my life. They’ve watched me laugh, cry, and be a brat when I can’t find anything to wear. They’ve lived with me in four different homes and through getting my master’s degree, changing careers, and going back to teaching. They have snuggled up next to me night after night. Most importantly, they’ve never stopped being excited to greet me when I make it home. It’s crazy how much we love our pets; they’re family, too.

Here’s to Bruno and Oliver. Happy fourth birthday to my low-riding, crazy, blonde bundles of joy!



It’s official. One more year ’til the dirty thirty!

My birthday was last Sunday, and I can’t believe it has been another whole year. So much happens every day, week, month…I feel like another trip around the Sun comes before we can even think about it. The older I get, the more I realize what is important in life (besides wine, cheese, and bread). With every birthday it becomes more and more clear that I just adore being surrounded by the people I love.

My evening started at Tazza Kitchen in Cary (there’s also a Cameron Village location). Their food is so delectable, and the decor is rustic industrial – super hip and fun. I kept this group pretty small, because those things can so quickly get out of hand and reservations can be difficult. We ate, had a few drinks to celebrate, and then opened presents. Everyone else met up at Pharmacy Bottle + Beverage in downtown Cary. I have LOVED getting to know some of the fun spots around downtown Cary. It’s right by home, has a crowd that is more my age, and doesn’t require staying out raging until 2am to have a good time. My kind of vibes.

Birthday dinner!


My best girls since studying abroad in Italy (in 2008!)

My actual birthday was spent having brunch with my best friend in downtown Cary (again!). We ate at the new Mayton Inn restaurant Verandah, which was so fancy and beautiful and delicious. The rest of our day was spent being lazy, shopping around, checking out her new home (!!!), and then I had to do some grocery shopping and meal prep for my six week shred challenge. Yes, I had a little indulgence on my birthday…and no, I don’t feel guilty about it. You have to live a little! The evening was spent celebrating with Andrew, who is OFFICIALLY moved to Raleigh, and my best friend and her boyfriend in their new house. I got so many cards and sweet phone calls or messages.


Boo thang


Brunch with Whitney

I am blessed beyond belief to have these people (and more!) in my life to support me, lift me up, and show up when it’s important. The only thing that could have made my birthday better would have been having my family with me!

Here’s to 29! Next year I’ll be thirty, flirty, and thriving. Bring it on!