Real talk + immense gratitude

So far, this summer has been completely overwhelming. As soon as school let out, I picked up 2 other jobs in addition to teaching yoga, on top of covering 3 extra yoga classes and some desk shifts for about a month. I am not complaining, and of course I did it to myself; I always do it to myself, and I know that. I understand that I am crazy. I have no chill and I don’t know how to just say no to things. I am rational enough to look at my planner on any given week and say:  Too much, Jules. Too much. I want to do everything and help everyone out when they ask me, and while I constantly work on finding a balance between that and keeping my sanity, I am so thankful to have friends and family who love me in every season of life and show their love in a million different ways.

Andrew has been so understanding and patient with my hectic schedule this summer, on top of dealing with his own life stuff going on – he always has big bear hugs and back scratches for me and drives to see me whenever he can. My roommate Lauryn has been surprising me with little good deeds here and there, taking care of the dishes or vacuuming, folding my laundry, or making a delicious dinner for when I get home from a long day at work. My BFF Whitney still manages to keep up with me and find time to hang out together whenever our schedules can link up, in the midst of a full-time job, house hunt, and fast-growing photography business. My other best friend Lindsay came all the way from Nashville to spend time with me the same week that a huge tree fell on her house and car. My family is always there to listen, give encouragement, and let me vent.

I don’t regret taking on these jobs and opportunities this summer – but I have made some promises to myself lately, one of which is to take it   e   a   s   y   next summer when I am supposed to be taking it easy. What good is a summer break when you’re working three jobs?! I read an article recently about saying no more often. Part of the article reads:

“I learned the importance of saying ‘no’ a long time ago…It’s the most important skill you can practice if you want to say ‘yes’ to the things that matter to you the most.”

I am trying to remember that saying no can be a great way to say yes…to yourself and to your own needs. This is a constant struggle in my life and hopefully I will be able to master it a little bit better in order to focus on the most important people and things in my life.

So today, I am thankful. I am thankful that I have thoughtful and constant friends, family, and a boyfriend who, time and time again, show me what love is and support me completely, especially in the times when I feel like I am drowning. We forget that we don’t have to do everything alone. That there are people surrounding us who can lighten our loads if we let them. I am truly too blessed to be stressed, and I’m working on lowering my commitments so I can focus on the little things in life – like getting a good night of sleep, reading for fun, practicing yoga in my pajamas, and spending uninterrupted, undistracted, quality time with the people who have stuck with me this far.

To all of you – you know who you are – thank you, and I love you. 

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