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Home sweet home!

If you ask me, moving is one of the worst things.  EVER.  I guess I’m “good” at moving since my type A brain won’t let a box go unlabeled or packed nicely and neatly…but it’s still a task I dread.  I have moved so many times since college and beyond, and I’ve found a few tips over the years to make it easier, and even a few ways to look at the bright side of things!

With a new place to live comes the opportunity to get a few new things to spruce up the place and make it unique, comfortable, and feel like home.  However, one of my absolute favorite things about a move is that you get the chance to really de-clutter, clean out your closets, drawers, and cabinets – and donate items to someone who may need them.

About three weeks ago, my mom, her best friend since 9th grade, and my sweet boyfriend came for the weekend to help me move out of my one bedroom apartment and into a two bedroom.  We.  Worked.  So. Hard.  So hard.  But we did it!  The new place is perfect.  My boyfriend deserves a huge medal for all the work he put in…it’s so nice to have someone help with the heavy stuff (up two flights of stairs!), hang all your shelves, pictures, and wall decor, and make sure everything is level when you’re too tired and just want it finished.

Enjoying some food after a long, nasty day of work! Super sweaty and looking really good.
Aunt Judi (left) and Mom (right) – typical!

My new roommate is my dear, d e a r friend Lauryn from college (Meredith College girls represent!  She’s also a teacher!).  We both need to save a few bucks, and this way we can have a permanent sleepover.  We are both a little anal when it comes to having things finished right away, so we were completely moved and unpacked in one long weekend.  It had to be done.  But we’re loving the new place!  It overlooks the pool, has a screened-in porch, updated appliances, and it is full of natural light.  Here are some pictures of the common living areas (click to see them in full size) – more to come in the next apartment post!

As you can see, Bruno and Oliver are adjusting well, too 🙂  They LOVE the porch and enjoy checking out all the people at the pool.  That’s Oliver on the right with my roomie Lauryn!

Stay tuned for the next post on the apartment – our bedrooms!  J Parker Photography took so many beautiful pictures, I wanted to use as many as I could 🙂  I already feel like I broke the internet with this post!

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