My first-borns

Bruno & Oliver, it’s finally time for your big debut.

Even as I write this, Bruno is sitting sweetly by the couch, gazing longingly at me, his mother the piece of pizza I am eating. And Oliver, the runt, the baby, my youngest, is staring soulfully into my loving eyes at the piece of pizza I am eating.

Reality is tough, people.

Jules and pups

Seriously though – without being too over the top, I received these nuggets as a gift when I got engaged a few years ago to someone I am no longer engaged to. They were not even 5 pounds yet, and I immediately fell in love. It seems like a different life, a different planet, a different time…and in a lot of ways, it was. Bruno and Oliver helped me through a really tough and important time in my life. I can’t tell you how much I love these little monsters. They just turned 3, and they are two of the most handsome dudes I will ever know (sorry Andrew). There is nothing like having a furry family member greet you, love you unconditionally, give you hugs and kisses when you’re feeling down, and smile at you with that huge open mouth – and I have two of them!

Bruno and Oliver as puppies! Bruno left, Oliver right
Oliver on the left, Bruno on the right

Bruno is my mischievious one. Lover of socks, receipts, dog collars, dryer sheets, Kate Spade cross body bag straps from purses your friend let you borrow…you name it, he will eat it. He is curious and he just. Can’t. Help. Himself. I had to stop buying them fuzzy and fluffy toys a long time ago, because he eats them entirely. He’s a tank. He is always busy and running around sniffing or trying to befriend a cat that doesn’t want him as a friend, but he likes to come check in with a kiss every now and then. He and I get our time together when we drive to Greensboro to see Andrew – he likes to ride shotgun with mama. And when he winds down and finally tires out (which is almost never), he is the sweetest thing in the world.

Oliver is my snuggle bug. He is a huge lap dog and he is a H   A   M. He loves attention and he will fight for it in any way that he can. Known for sniffing and lightly chewing the carpet (there just might be a morsel of food there!). He is a little piggy, and yes, a little bit chunky, but I love him just the way he is. He can be a little jerk when he gets jealous for attention or when Bruno breathes near his food, but generally speaking, he’s the sweetest fella you’ll ever know. He just loves to love and be loved.

Most nights, we sleep tucked in tight. I sleep in the middle of the bed with a dog sandwiching me on each side. Somewhere in the night, Bruno will migrate to the foot of the bed or down by the bedroom door to be a “guard dog,” and every morning I get to wake up with two snuggly, happy, soft corgis breathing hot dog breath in my face. I love it.

I finally understand how my mom can say she loves each of her children the same, but differently. It used to feel like a cop out, but I completely get it now. I hate when people pick favorites of my dogs. It’s a package deal, it’s both or nothing, and if you like one over the other, you better not ever let me know about it. They’re different, and they’re both the best things that ever happened to me. They drive me crazy, they cost me tons, they tear up everything I own, and I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world.

bruno and oliver treats

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