Hi! Welcome to MAXOUThappy! I’m Julia, a dog mom, high school teacher, and amateur blogger! MAXOUThappy is a long-time dream of mine that was always a far-off “someday” idea, until I began my yoga teacher training in 2015 and just decided to take a leap out of my comfort zone and do it.

I have a huge passion for people and animals (especially dogs), and I also love food, wine, music, coffee, and words. I love to stay busy, but I also love relaxing weekends or nights at home with my three doggies and my husband Andrew.

Like most ladies, I dabble a bit in makeup, hair, and fashion, but I also love being in my soft clothes.  Family and friends are everything to me, and I love helping people and spreading joy – I’m big on notes, gifts, and hugs.  I love finding any excuse to make a huge deal out of an event:  birthday, holiday, new job, promotion, graduation…come to think of it, even a good hair day deserves a celebration in my book!

I am an optimist and believe in actively choosing happiness until it sticks.  Life is way too short to focus on the negative; we’ve all got it, but only we can determine whether or not to turn it around and focus on the good, which is what life is worth living for. You’ll figure out the rest later, but feel free to contact me or follow me on my social media accounts to stay connected!  This blog is my happy place, and I hope you’ll find some brightness here, too.