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Am I the only one who has a longing and love for the old tied-up 90s style shirts? I’m not trying to show my age, but I remember being a little girl and having a little lime green sweatshirt material shorts and t-shirt set from Upton’s department store. Does anyone even remember Upton’s?! Are they even around anymore?

Anyway, I think my grandmother got the outfit for me and I loved it. Wore. It. OUT. The best part about it was the little tie-off in the middle, right at my belly button. I felt so grown up, so chic, so sassy. The sassiest, lime green-wearing, photo-bombing 6-year-old you’d ever seen. With the token 90s girl bowl cut/mullet hybrid hairstyle…the straight across bangs that kind of faded down on the sides to a chin length bob. You know you know what I’m talking about.

Over the summer, I purchased a long, button up, sleeveless top from Target. It was way too hot to wear it with jeans, which I felt was the best choice if wearing it long, so I tied it up and wore it with a pair of casual shorts for daytime errands. If I wanted to dress it up, I wore it with a little stretchy black skirt I’ve had from H&M for years (like 8 years, actually…when it’s good, it’s good). The back of the shirt stays long when you tie it, so I just folded the back tail up under itself so there was a nice smooth line across the back. One shirt, two ways!

This is such a simple way to put a little twist on a classic outfit and change things up for your wardrobe. Take it from the office to happy hour or rock it on the weekends for a day out! For fall, layering with a long cardigan would be perfect.

If you don’t have a shirt that’s long enough, Forever 21 has a few really inexpensive options that are already tied up – you can try them out without breaking the bank! Target has a cute one on sale right now, too! Here’s another one from Banana Republic, on sale, and one on sale at J.Crew!

They say fashion always repeats itself, and I’ve been seeing shirts tied around waists, overalls, and chokers recently…seems like the 90s may not be done quite yet! I’m not sure I’ll jump on board with all of the trends, but I do love a good tied up shirt. Try it out and tell me you don’t feel even a little bit sassy!

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